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Wednesday, April 22, 2009. The island of Delos, according to a legend, was the birthplace of Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis. They were the children of Zeuss and his lover, Leto. His wife, Hera, forbade the birth to take place anywhere on earth, so Neptune, Zeuss' brother, made Delos appear and the twins were born there.

We walked along the ruins; it's all that is left, except for wild flowers and a small archeological museum built to house some of the artifacts found on the island.


Some of the ruins we saw were the Agora of the Competialists, members of the local guilds, mostly freedmen and slaves from Sicily who worked for Italian traders.




There was also an amphitheater, within the elegant residence quarter inhabited by Roman bankers and Egyptian and Phoenician merchants. The houses. some of them two stories high, sometime with columns on all sides, were built around a central courtyard.


One of the most evocative sights in Delos is the 164-foot-long Avenue of the Lions. The statues are replicas, the originals are in the museum. Five Naxian marble beasts crouch on their hunches, their forelegs stiffly upright, vigilant guardians of the Sacred Lake.


There's a sign indicating that Cleopatra once had a home in the island. It has a beautiful view of the surrounding sea


 Dyonisius, god of wine, also known as Bacchus, also lived nearby and we visited his home.


We made a quick pass by the museum and then boarded the tender back to the ship and onto our next stop: MYKONOS

Our first view of the famed city was from the boat. We could see the iconic windmills by the harbor, but in reality they were very high up.


The tender brought us to the harbor in the center of town. A pelican greeted us there. It is said that in the 1950s, a flock of migrating pelicans flew over Mykonos, leaving behind an exhausted bird. Vassilis, a fisherman, nursed him back to health & the locals say that the pelican in the harbor is Petros, the original bird. He was preening for all of us to see.


From the harbor we could see the windmills, so we started walking towards them.  It was a very long walk, but we finally got to their base, and took pictures to prove it.


 We continued walking around, and from the heights we saw some more churches, a bathing beach, and finally the so called "Little Venice", where the water laps up to the entrance steps of the houses built there.



After all the walking, we still had to walk back to the tender, which took us back to our ship for a well deserved dinner and some rest.  Next stop would be SANTORINI, also in Greece.



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